Mobile eVoucher and
Patient Affordability Programs

CodeBroker, the pioneer in eCouponing technology for the nation’s largest retailers and brands, brings its platform to pharma to deliver a modern eVoucher, copay registration, and adherence solution to help you stand out in the market, no matter your size.

Best-in-Class Measurement & Tracking for Copay Assistance Programs

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Increase registrations with best-in-class patient experience on mobile and desktop

Encourage adherence and utilization with omni-channel communications and sophisticated patient journeys

Optimize your pharmaceutical marketing efforts with real-time funnel analytics that track individual patient behavior


Mobile e-Voucher

Increase trial and conversion with the power of connected mobile eVouchers, a modern alternative to traditional sampling.


Copay Registration
and Adherence

Increase registrations, encourage adherence and utilization, and optimize your marketing efforts.

Unprecedented Capabilities Available Only From CodeBroker for your Copay Assistance Programs and eVouchers

  1. Mobile-first, best-in-class consumer experience that leverages CodeBroker's experience with leading retailers/brands.
  2. Real-time 1:1 funnel tracking by individual patient from top-of-funnel ad and/or HCP interactions through to NRx and continuing Rx.
  3. Live/dynamic coupons, tracked and automatically updated each time they are viewed, enable intelligent messaging, personalization and minimize change costs.
  4. Unique analytics and real-time reporting to effectively optimize DTC co-pay promotional spend.
  5. eVoucher application provides a modern alternative to traditional sampling for virtual, hybrid, and traditional environments.
  6. Intelligent, personalized omni-channel messaging triggered by zero party, first party, and transactional data promotes adherence and increased utilization for your patient adherence programs.

Digital solution that addresses the needs of the pandemic and the future “new normal.”

No contact set-up, access and fulfillment.

Integration into sales rep, HCP, and patient virtual experience.

Works in hybrid environment: traditional + digital + telehealth.

Works with Retail and Specialty Pharma

CodeBroker' solutions for e-Vouchers and copay assistance programs are designed to work with both retail and specialty pharma products. For products sold both retail and mail order, CodeBroker can issue channel-specific coupons or single coupons good for both. CodeBroker can interface with your Specialty Pharmacy to directly share patient information collected at time of sign up to enable you to effectively track your marketing efforts that lead to specialty pharmacy fills.

Fast to Deploy

Working with the nation's largest retailers and brands, CodeBroker has developed a solution that is fast to deploy with many customers up and running within 60 days. And if you have existing copay assistance programs, we can easily work with your current adjudication partner.

*The CodeBroker Platform has 13 issued US patents and is patent pending for the eSampling and Patient Affordability Solution.

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